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We are established on the year of 1999. We are a leading Service Provider of Corporate Law Service, Property Law & documentation Service, Civil/Criminal Law Service, Legal Consultancy Service, etc. Since we have a strong and experienced team, our clients also get the best possible legal support when they use the services of our firm. One of the special strength of our firm is our national and international level network of lawyers. This network not only works effective in extending the best services but also it helps our clients to cut its costs as well. Our international standard of services like corporate law services, company law services and other creates a comfortable working atmosphere with the foreign clients.

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We provide comprehensive custom collection & receivable management solutions to a wide range of organizations that have with them some type of collection/receivable management platform. Our services are meant to compliment as well as add value to the existing processes. Further the proper utilization of our services allow corporates and other clients to better focus on the running of their core businesses. Backed by highly trained workforce, our ability to deliver quick & cost effective solutions has helped us emerge as leading service providers in our industry sector. Our comprehensive collection solutions are provided to leading organizations in Document Writer, Old Document Read & Write, Legal Advisor, Specialist in Civil & Motor Accident Cases and other related markets.

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To provide high quality standards in the wide range of competitively priced services offered by us. Instead of meeting we believe in beating the deadlines. Sincerity, punctuality, quality and commitment are the major qualities our services are based on.

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I have wide experience in Civil, Criminal, Motor Accident cases (M.C.O.P.), family Disputes such as Divorce, Maintenance, restitution of conjugal rights, cheque cases, Advisor for I.T Association etc., May you have some relevant facts about myself because it is your prerogative to know my credentials. Dealing with matters of Banking Law, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Insurance Law, Labour Laws, Land Acquisation, Litigation & Alternative Disputes Resolution, Securitisation & Banking, Service Laws, Service Tax, Excise and Customs.