Welcome To A Grrand Mahaal A/C

Sri Sakthi vinayagar Temple with Grandeur and majesty is the most admire of this Mahaal. At the backside of this glorious Temple there is a 15 year old people tree and neem tree which are considered to the holy lively pictures of gods are drawn on the walls with artistic values.Happily married life begins with blessings of the Almightly. The entrance is a very big and beautiful.There is A/C facility in the mainhall which makes you feel as you are in kulumanali.Excellent Buffet hall is ready to make all the guests very happy. Very Broad carparking facility is available. Cardially is extended to parties and affectionate service is given at every step.Kindly visit us by which we will be honoured naturally.This mahaal is surrounded by lovely green trees.

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Welcome to A Grrand Mahaal A/C

A Grrand Mahaal A/c (Abbreviation):

A -->Anandha Perumal
G -->Govindasamy.K (FATHER)
R -->Rajamani.G (MOTHER)
R -->Rajendran.G(M.D)
A -->Anuratha.R (WIFE) Secretary
N -->Nithisri.R(DAUGHTER)
D --> Dhanush. G.R (SON)

 A Grrand Mahaal A/C