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The M.B.Farm established on 2012. Our concern is one of the leading manufacturing of breeding and multi poultry products.

We are the pioneer and leading producer of best quality country chicken in India. Country Chicken is usually found in rural areas and villages as pets, tamed by hand feeding, the flesh of which has a unique flavor, tenderness and aroma.This country chicken is from the southern state of Tamil Nadu and is locally called Kattu Seval or the fighter cock. These birds are big, strong and muscular and the main colors are black, red, grey, blue and green. But this breed has almost gone to the extent of going extinct just because of the unawareness on the proper disease prevention methods.

The flavor of meat, rich protein content and nutritional value has caught the fancy of people and has resulted in a price hike of about three times to the price of broiler chicken. We have taken a lot of effort in identifying proper medicines and formulating suitable conditions for these birds and the methods for breeding them in farms with the latest poultry equipment.We have the purest breed of country chicks for rearing, providing people the same good old taste, they ever wanted. Depending on the farm size, Country Chicken farming can be a· Main source of family income for housewives or· Can provide a subsidiary income and· Gainful employment to farmers and housewives throughout the year.Our brand of country chicken is most preferred by retailers and is most popular in the marketing circles too. We supply day old country chicks to customers for rearing. We also provide all the guidelines and assistance to customers for rearing the chicks, which include· The construction of shed,· Feeding the chicks,· Equipment needed to rear the chicks and· The vaccine schedules.

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