Welcome to Theiva Nursing Home

Children First and Always! Nothing Matters More!! Together for Better Care!!! Theiva Nursing Home Speciality Clinic is established on the principle of family-centered care and to provide highest standards of expert care in a comfortable and child friendly atmosphere. Featuring accessibility, affordability and availability, the clinic ensures that children requiring special care for complex medical conditions are at one place and no longer have to travel far and wide across the city. The Clinic consists of internationally trained paediatric specialists renowned for their level of distinguished paediatric expertise and experience. The clinic is indeed a one-stop solution for all child care needs. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

We gives this specialized treatment to his patients with all sincerity, dedication and professionalism and ensures their complete recovery from the ailments they have hitherto suffered from.



    Doctor, you have changed me at the root level which I have not got in any of the programmes I have so far attended.


  • Excellent job

    I really and honestly thank you, Doctor, to continue your…


  • Thanks once again

    The operation and procedure were wonderful and successful. Thanks once again for the confidence and the motivation you gave us during and after the operation.

    Jothi Basu,Tirunelveli