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Welcome To Viranchi!

In 1997 Viranchi is started with Add Agency up to 2000. The C.E.O of Viranchi Organization is Mr . P Vamsi Krishna. Mr Vamsi Krishna introduced City Cable in 1995 for Nellore Citizens. He established Viranchi Organization with only 25000 rupees. Then after on the date of 1st January 2000 he started Tele Communications in Viranchi Organization. And launching Soha Office up to some extends, depends on the customers requirement. And Viranchi Organization operating their Tele Communications through EPABX and with different products called Security Divisions, Intercom Phones, Biometric Systems, Office Auto machines, Networking and with a Trunkey Projects.

Highly Educated Well Trained Reliable Workforce

VIRANCHI is glad to offer you services for producing custom technical support that will meet your requirements and development time schedule.

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Through VIRANCHI , customers have immediate access to a highly educated, well trained, and reliable workforce of very skilled professionals that deliver world-class development services to international standards.