Welcome to BrainY Brain Academy

BrainY Brain Academy (jagan kalvi kazhagam)successfully completed 23 years of Vital existence in the field of Education since 1994.

We consider ourselves fortunate to introduce this BrainYBrain Academy Education by international method, with international standard. We intend to concentrate at Grass root level while introducing BrainYBrain Academy Education.

Encouraged by the rewarding results. We have launched BrainYBrain method international standard Abacus + GK + brainy brain academy education program . Impetus has come to us from our patrons, well wishers, benefactors. Some philanthropic associates have contributed their might to start this BrainY Brain Academy International Standard Coaching Program. The response is enthusiastic and fruitful.

This program mainly deals with the Abacus + GK + brainY brain academy syllabus in blossoming mind.

Days have gone by when there was a dictum that a doctor's child should be doctor and engineer's son should be an engineer and lawyer's son should be a lawyer. With the turn of the new horizon of thoughts emerged, based on psychological study the child is assessed in the class room for his or her talents. If a child has talents in the sports activity these talents should be encouraged. If the child has talents in art and painting, he should be encouraged in those lines.

India does not lack talents. We, the teachers, should channalise these talents of the child and mold his options accordingly. The child will blossom into a successful model in the society and he will turn out to be a national figure and may even shine in International arena. The basic thoughts, behind this is child Psychology - Abacus + GK + brainy brain academy syllabus we coach your child The American Psychologist has said "Give me a child I will make him what you want".

we say the same It is all about Abacus + GK + brainy brain academy education. We coach the child to perfection under our care and make him a doctor or engineer or an auditor. It is all about the training of the mind, the bud will blossom into a fragrant flower! There are mysteries beyond mysteries that man can never fathom. A child is one such mystery. Wisdom comes often through babes and sucklings.

Sir William Osler have said "If ever, I where given a chance to be reborn, I wish to be a child". We wish you to admit your child.

In our BrainY Brain Academy with International Standard Coaching for Abacus + GK + brainy brain academy syllabus.