Welcome To   Dr. Anath's Homoeo Clinic

The Clinic

It was around in the year 1960, at Chennai, an old orthodox lady who was surrounded by a few people, opening their mouths to swallow a freshly prepared bitter herbal brew early in the morning in empty stomach and a handful of pongal (made from rice and dhal) to be eaten immediately after drinking the brew. What do you think its all for? This is the treatment for jaundice continued hereditarily by the orthodox lady belonging to the Vummidi family. It was the fourth generation of continuous free service rendered by the Vummidi Family, though they belong to the Business community.

The Doctor

Days have changed, lifestyle has changed, habits have changed, there is a big generation gap, when Dr Vasudevan entered in to his practice naming his clinic after his father as 'Dr Ananth's Homeo Clinic'. He realised that jaundice was not as simple as his father's days. Though he used to sit with his father to assist him since 1976, he gained the knowledge of treating jaundice cases and a vague idea about Homoeopathy and treating patients. Dr Vasudevan started his full fledged practice in 1984, after his completion of D.H.M.S After day to day discoveries in the medical field.

The Homeopathy

Homoeopathic Medicines are prepared from mostly all sources like Vegetable, Mineral and Animal Kingdom. It can be prepared from any substance, which has life, like vegetable kingdom or inert substance like SAND ( Homoeopathic medicine ' Silicea' is prepared from sand ), which has multi-various medical curative properties. Even a toxin can be de-toxified, and a poison also can be purified by the process of Homoeopathic Potentisation. It is just like de-salinating the sea water and purified to a drinking water. Thus Homoeopathic medicines are totally SAFE, without any side-effects, since they are in the dynamic form.