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Welcome To Elango Med Care Emergency Clinic !

Elango Med Care Emergency Clinic is one of the distinguished Multi Super- Specialty hospitals in Salem Dist. Providing comprehensive medical care in areas of cardiology, cardio thoracic surgery, neurology, neuro surgery , ortho pedics, nephrology, gynecology, gastro enterology, urology, paediatriecs, diabetics and so on. Established is 2007, Elango Med Care Emergency Clinic became a house hold name for tertiary care hospital services in Salem over the years late 2008,Elango Med Care Emergency Clinic, lead by the vision of Master of critical care and Emergency specialist T. Elango Msc Nursing, MBA Hospital Management.. (Mangaing Director) ELANGO MED CARE . thus, paving the way to superlative health care services. Our 24x7 ultra modern heart care facility has a number of first art – of – its kind medical break throughs in cardiac care to its create.