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About Golden Sea Aquarium & Pets

Welcome to Golden Sea Aquarium & Pets, which is a well established pet shop in Thiruthuraipoondi. We provide high quality products and accessories for dogs and other household pets with best price. All pets stores deals in Show Quality All pet breeds of dogs, cats, fish aquarium, exotic birds, small animals, etc. Dedicating to this passion, we are managing a complete pet store in Mohali, Chandigarh. Here we try to help hobbiest on each and every issue related to all pets like Breeding issues, Feeding and Nutrition, Health care advice, etc.
PRODUCTS - Birds, Fishes, Pet Animals, Healthcare Products, Seeds, Tank Filters, Live Water Plants, Plastic Plants, Stones and Sands, Worms, Fish Tanks, Birds Cages, Dog Cages, Fish Tank Toys, Fish Tank Motors, Fish Tank Stand, Fish Tank Bulbs, Tank Cover, Glass Bowls, Wall Posters.
FISH FOODS — Taiyo, Optima
BIRDS FOODS — Delinature, Petslife
DOG FOODS — Pedigree Products, Royal Canel, Drools, Euro Premium, Bark