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Welcome to Kumaran Multi Speciality Dental Clinic

Kumaran Multi speciality dental centre was started in the year 2000, by Dr.S.K.Senthil kumar , with the prime objective of providing quality and affordable dental care.Our highest quality of service brought us good name and fame, which helped to open 2 more new branches, one in kovilambakkam, and 1 in chromepet.

Our most outstanding features, which distinguishes us from other clinics are
• We use disposable instruments for almost all treatments except teeth
• removal. Burs used for teeth cleaning, grinding, Files used for root
• canal treatment, Mouth mirror and probes used for general teeth examination all will be used new and disposed off after single use. There by we avoid dreadly diseases like AIDS,,Hepatitis or any infection from being contacted from other persons. For Teeth removing instruments, we have the highest standards of sterilization.
• We give the best treatment plan suggestions to every kind of dental problem and give full freedom to the patients to choose the best plan which suits them at their best.We also give ample time to discuss with their family members and never force them or instigate fear in their minds to go for the treatment immediately within minutes.

We have the best pain management treatment plan
• for kids, without giving injections, and manage by very simple treatment protocols,at very less cost which all the kids and parents also prefer.
• for Sugar patients and heart patients, we have the best and simple
• methods of pain relief, without removing the teeth
• For General patients , strengthen the teeth and the surrounding gums and prevent them from loosing the teeth in olden ages.