About Us

"Margic Cabs" car rentals is a quality car hire agency founded by people with good experience in the cars rentals industry. Margic Cabs car rentals offers the highest quality vehicles for hire on your holidays in Tanjore, friendly service and twenty-four hours roadside assistance. Throughout Tanjore we have a network of offices, having our office in No: 2/12, New Street, Valoothoor, Papanasam Taluk, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu - 614 210 with the highest professionalism ready to help you with your reservation requirements.

Our Services

The success for a company depends on the nature of the business it is involved, for its sustainability in the long term prospective. Deriving the meaning in the business point of view, we have developed our business plan to exactly match with the objectives of the industry we are employed in, basically to provide a satisfying customer service with complete involvement and concentration to each and every travellers. Even though our business depends on the automobile industry, renting of the auto engineered Cars, SUVs & Vans; we are directly connected with the Travel & Tourism industry or in other words, one of the largest service industry in the world comprising of Travel arrangements.