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Natarajan Agency is our dealer name, in this field we have 30 years selling experience as a dealer 6 years, and our home place is located in Lingareddipalayam, sugar mill main road near to Vinayakar temple, Katterikuppam post, manndipattu commune, U.T. of Puducherry.

We selling the variety of cements (OPC , PPC &....) from many companies products in all over Puducherry only. Cement selling prices differed from wholesale to retail and we have the customers like sub dealers, contracters, House holders, Engineers and Masons.....


  • Coromandel Cement

  • Ramco Cement

  • JAY PEE Cement

  • Rain Cement(Priya Cement)

  • Steel

Coromandel Cement

Ramco Cement


Priya Cement

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