About Us


Nathan And Co are efficient and prominent in providing ambulance services at any instances. We are successful in the field of ambulance services for the past several years. From the year of our starting period and till now we are providing our critical services in a well reliable manner. Our ambulance services are with expert nurses, emergency doctors and physicians who handle intensive and emergency care units.
We are well skilled and respectful ambulance services who tremendously work hard, well skilled in delivering the emergency services and medical services at an accurate time. Our firm is efficient and best professionals in serving the people with human approach. We assure that our critical patients reach the hospital on time. Our team are skilled and efficient medical professionals who are best in providing immediate care and make the patient's health to be safe and secure.

Vision and Mission :

>> We provide our ambulance services to most of the people who are under critical situation and help to provide their life in safe and secure condition.

>> To save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life, through the provision of accessible and responsive quality patient care and transport.

>> Delivering best quality product at competitive rates on time.

What We Do :

Our fully equipped ambulance services are staffed with experienced anaesthesia's and physicians who provide the safe services and emergency care services for our patients who are under critical situation. We provide mobile ICU for the people who are in need of an emergency service. We will be at your door step whenever you call for an emergency ambulance service and proper treatment is offered for the patient who is in emergency stage