Sweets add a special touch to every occasion. And in India, sweets form an integral part of celebration, be it marriage, birth of a child or festivals. Paary Sweets & Bakery, have been trying to make every occasion a special one with our sweets. Paary Sweets & Bakery, situated in Arani, we are providing. We are manufacturers, retailers and exporters of Sweets & Bakery with the experience of 14 years. Having mastered the traditional art of sweet making.

We specialize in Special sweets, Oil sweets, Dry fruit based sweets and Pure ghee Indian Traditional sweets. We take pride in stating that we are one of the few shops in the city that make Sutarfeni. Paary Sweets & Bakery perseverance and innovation, with years of research into ingredients, technique and consumer taste.

We care for good health of our customers. All our sweets are prepared in pure ghee only. We maintain hygiene standards both at our workshop and our shop. We have a well trained staff, that focuses on consistency in taste and speed in service.