Welcome to Raaj Hospital

"Raaj Hospital" is a well-known hospital of Mannarkudi where patients are provided with treatments for various major or minor diseases. At our Multi Specialty Hospital, we are associated with experienced Gynecologists and Pediatricians. We are known for providing effective General Surgery for curing several ailments. Our hospital has spacious patient care wards, intensive care units and medical test laboratories where proper diagnosis ; treatments are undertaken by our doctors. Our panel of experienced and qualified doctors make sure to provide treatments that highly effective and provides quick results. Orthopedic Treatments are given by experienced orthopedics, who conducts proper check of the medical background of the patients before prescribing any medicine. At our hospital, we take proper care of hygiene in order to avoid any chances of infections. Latest medical technologies and equipment are used by our doctors so as to diagnose the root cause of the illness and undertake the surgeries at our hospital. In addition to this, separate counter is made so that patients can pay their medical bills easily without creating chaos. Our Team With the support of experienced and trained doctors, we are able to provide effective treatments to our patients. We have specialists for various departments such as orthopedic, cardiology, pediatric, gynecology and others.