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Water is life, we discover life
King of kings in drilling industry since 1984

Reena borewells is established in 1987 and the first driliing rig started in Marthandam ,Kanyakumari District. Reena borewells is equipped with worlds best compressor ATLAS COPCO, and india's no; 1 rig mast PRD. Advantages with us is even any critical formation our highpressure hydraulic rig can drill upto maximum Depth.our technical staff's are very much experienced and efficient.
We locate waterwell points, undertake drilling of waterwells and fix up submersible pumps and to help the people by our humble work and extensive knowledge.
Reena Borewells, a unique venture by a veteran professional, It aims to serve the Motherland to benefit millions of people with 100% satisfication. We also run our machineries in kerala,madyapradesh,maharastra and Karnataka.

Quality Policy

The impossible is made possible here.
To deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money. Work towards exceeding customers expectations through commitment to excellence and setting new benchmarks in the drilling industry our communication to excel is made work of perfection. We assure you timely device round the clock.
To give world classs drilling to meet the customer needs and to strive for continual improvement We offer the Bore Well drilling for various dimensions and depth ranging upto 1200feet feet (165 mm) We are backed by commited and dedicated staff, who are being updated with all the relavant technologies We also help you out for good Water Surveyors, Installation of Perfect Motor / Pump Water Analysis and creating awareness about Water Harvesting Pits.

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