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It was Established in last few Years, is a symbol of relentless pursuance towards rendering sophisticated high quality care, in Piles, Fistula & Fissure Cure Without Operation at an affordable cost, to the sick and needy. Here, we believe in offering comprehensive care under a single roof, setting the best practice standards in health care services, continually improving our performance and exceeding the expectations of patients and their families.
Dr.R. Prasanna Kumar is Headed by S.A.R Hospital.He provides good treatment at affordable prices.

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Haemorrhoids also called piles, are swollen and inflamed veins in your anus and lower rectum. Haemorrhoids may result from straining during bowel movements or from the increased pressure on these veins during pregnancy. Haemorrhoids may be located inside the anus (internal haemorrhoids), or may develop under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids).


Anal Fistula is an abnormal tube like passage (communication) between the interior of the anal canal (or rectum) and the outer skin surface around the anus. One opening of the fistula (Internal opening) is inside the anus (or rectum) and another opening ( External opening) is on skin surface around the anus. A tube like structure ( Fistula track) connect them.


It is longitudinal tear in the lower end of anus. It is the most painful condition affecting the anal region. It commonly seen in young & middle age people . Due wrong food habits fissures are found in children also.

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