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Welcome To Sri Velan Aggro!

Sri Velan Aggro Services is one of the best Agro products sales in Erode.We are one of the most renowned retailers and suppliers of Agrochemicals and Fertilizers in Erode. Our range is highly durable and can be delivered within a short span of time. These are quality-tested right at the stage of procurement and conform to international quality standards. Leveraging on our years of experience, we have displayed consistent performance and growth levels, coupled with maintaining fruitful relationships with our clients, vendors, distributors and agents. Our focused approach and the ability to adapt to the changing technological trends have helped us perform beyond our customers expectations.

Our Products: எங்களிடம் தரமான விதைகள், பூச்சி மருந்துகள், களைக்கொல்லிகள் நுண்ணூட்டங்கள், கரையான் மருந்துகள், குறைந்த விலையில் தரத்துடன் கிடைக்கும் .வேளாண்மை ஆலோசனை மையம்.

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