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Mr. S. Arul Gandhi created the Sun Appalam brand. He possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. Coincidentally he stayed close to an Appalam manufacturing unit in the 2010s. He observed that Appalams were sold as a commodity and there was a bulk transfer of unbranded goods. He envisioned a bright future of marketing the commodity as a brand. This, in turn would make the Appalam popular, kindling the “Sun Appalam” brand. Sun Appalam felt that a mother hugging her child was the purest form of love. He therefore decided that this should be the logo for “Sun Appalams”.

Mr. S. Arul Gandhi spearheaded operations since the inception. He crisscrossed the buzzing city, creating abase for the product. He marketed the brand from the early 2010. He had developed a brand that had successfully reached many households in Tamil Nadu and parts of Southern India, with its tagline: "Ellorukkum Favourite", which means, everyone’s favorite.