Surya hospital is 25 years old. It has ENT and Skin specialities. We give affordable and modern health care catering to all sections of the society.



Skin Care Facilities

  •    Diode LASER - Hair removal
  •    Frac-Co2 LASER- Acne scars
  •    Dermal Fillers
  •    Tripolar Radio Frequency
    •    Skin Tightening
    •    Rejuvenation
    •    Tummy Reduction
  •    Electro Cautery
  •    Cryo Surgery
  •    Micro Dermabrasion
  •    Chemical Peels
  •    Acne Surgery
  •    Botox

ENT Facilities

  •    Micro Ear Surgery
  •    Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  •    Endoscopic Microdebrider assisted Adenoidectomies.
  •    Solutions for Snoring
  •    Micro Laryngeal Surgery
  •    Solutions for Hearing problems
  •    Vertigo therapy
  •    Fully equipped ENT theatre with modern Anaesthesia workstation and other ENT gadgets. The operation theatre is dedicated to ENT procedures alone and hence negligible theater related cross infections.