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Almost all of us have to undergo a period when we will be called old people. Government, in order to respect the old people, has invented the term, ‘senior citizen’. The name does not make any difference to the way old people are destined to live. The one special problem with the old people is, they will gradually lose the power of doing anything on their own. They will need the help of others to do many of their daily routines.

Because it is quite irksome for the younger people to live with the old people mainly because of lack of time to take care of them, they bring the old people to the old age homes which are not just havens for the old people, but heavens on earth for them.

Word of Holy God Mission is one such old age home where aged people will start living a rejuvenated life without any botheration or feeling that they have become old.


Word of Holy God Mission is run by a person who already possesses 5 years’ experience in running old age home and doing services exclusively for old people.

Taking care of old people involves lots of patience and a special service attitude. Because old people behave differently from the youngsters, special education and special training is needed to satisfy them.

We give intensive practical training to people who come forward to do service for the old people. When we send them to individual homes to attend to the aged people at their homes, we are careful in selecting only people who have extreme sense of tolerance and physical and mental ability to work during odd hours.

Our Speciality

What you expect from us that we will do as for the service to the aged people. Because we undertake various kinds of services for the aged people, you can surely expect us to offer all such services under one roof.

Our mission is not restricted to one or two services. It is, anything that you consider useful in the care of old people.


Our old age home is equipped with all best facilities to keep the aged people quite comfortably and happily. Besides running a home exclusively for senior citizens, we have extended our services by visiting their homes and offering them much needed services.

For the old people who are not willing to stay in any home, but at the same time, there is no any one to properly attend to their needs, we can send our people on request and do the services required.

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